Microsoft Dynamics for Sales Professionals

Meet customer needs, drive more sales, and build strong customer relationships

JourneyTEAM understands that a company’s success relies on the business and revenue it generates. An essential component of this task is maintaining happy customers while pursuing new relationships. Solid customer relationships created by dynamic sales engagements not only drive future growth, but also shape the direction of the company and enable it to meet its goals.

The success of a Sales department depends largely on immediate access to business-critical information, which facilitates their response to customer needs. The most accurate company data, including up-to-the-minute product and service pricing, as well as client information, must be readily available to Sales representatives. Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides a strategic advantage to sales teams by offering information previously scattered information in a centralized and easy to access location.

Sales Managers

Sales managers are responsible not only for the performance of sales representatives and a company’s relationship with its customers, but also for goal setting, providing sales staff with resources, and helping to maintain an all-around professional image. Building a robust sales team and strong relationships with customers is a key component in this process.

Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions help to account for both the sales team’s progress on converting new leads to sales as well as actual sales results. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides up-to the-minute data, allowing you to address any sales concern, determine pricing policies, and track both individual and team performance. Microsoft Dynamics provides Sales managers with the tools to distinguish how well the Sales team is doing at any given moment.

Sales managers are often the point of escalation for the customer service and sales teams. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a full account history and all the information that might prove helpful in turning an unhappy customer into a content one in the course of a single phone call.

Account Managers

Account Managers are responsible for providing exceptional customer service to both existing and potential customers. Customer relationship management software, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is crucial for an effective Account Manager. If a customer has a question, you only have to go to one place to get the history of both the customer and the deal. A complete customer record guarantees that nothing falls through the cracks, ensuring you can provide the exceptional experience all customers want—and deserve.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows Account Managers to stay focused on growing the accounts because it’s easy to keep records of all contacts and activities. No one has to work to remember what was said to a customer in a previous conversation; it’s all in the customer record.


The Sales team is at the front line of your company. To achieve success, there must be a way to accurately gauge performance of the sales team, as well as efficiently plan, execute and profit from sales opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM lets you view, manage, and track how your sales team works, appraise how quickly new leads are converted to prospects and sales, and analyze performance changes over time.

  • Qualifying leads and closing the deal. Extensive research, effort, and time are necessary to maintain satisfied customers, manage a team, and qualify sales leads. Key sales information, such as staff performance data, budget and expense information, and product pricing, as well as potential customer information, including intelligence that helps determine a customer’s market and financial position, are invaluable to Sales Managers. The contact and opportunity management features in Microsoft Dynamics allow you to maintain detailed profiles of your sales contacts, move the sales process along, and pursue all actionable opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also offers integrated, adaptable customer relationship management (CRM) tools that enable the tracking and reporting of sales results and events on customer accounts.
  • Easy access to data to improve sales processes. Effective Sales Managers require up-to-the-minute business and industry data, and must also be able to quickly and effectively access, share, and analyze that data. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can document and manage your customers and prospects; create, view, modify, and distribute financial reports, and assign tasks to your sales team and ensure their completion. It is vital to always have a comprehensive view of factors that affect your business. Microsoft Dynamics solutions maintain information from throughout the organization in a single repository, allowing you to quickly access all pertinent information. An added benefit is how well Microsoft Dynamics solutions work with and like other Microsoft products. For example, you can export and analyze data in Microsoft Office Excel, create reports in your preferred format, and make them available through business portals built on Microsoft SharePoint technology.

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