Manage Growth

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions help you grow your business

The challenges of a struggling economy place greater pressure on your organization to grow. Companies that find a way to maintain and properly manage growth will gain a competitive advantage and thrive even in these unforgiving market conditions. The key to growth can lie in solutions that:

  • Help you take advantage of new market opportunities or fend off new competitors to gain market share.
  • Enable you to plan current and future capacity relative to planned growth.
  • Efficiently integrate disparate applications or legacy systems to provide consistent access to business information, even across distributed companies and newly merged organizations.
  • Help you retain existing customers and gain new ones by placing customers at the center of your business.
  • Enable you to rapidly respond to new trends and opportunities and identify shifts in purchasing patterns.
  • Support multiple channels (store, catalog, Web, phone) and maintain consistent brand, presence, and inventory management across all.

Microsoft Dynamics business solutions from JourneyTEAM provide the management controls, comprehensive functionality, and customer-centric business processes that companies need to grow. Here’s how:

  • Role-based functionality and familiar, intuitive user interfaces make it easy to extend access to business systems across your entire organization—and to quickly take on new users or subsidiaries—with minimal training or down time.
  • Web portals provide real-time access to business information, even for remote employees and employees who do not typically work with financial or ERP applications.
  • Prebuilt Web services and a straightforward integration model connect your financial and ERP systems to data stored in legacy applications and disparate systems.
  • Core ERP functionality helps you manage and forecast inventory and sales across all your channels and locations.
  • Build a customer-centric business with fast access to all relevant account history.

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